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Archived Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to your NitroLube products. When we met last year I was very impressed with the NitroLube oil in my car did it ever save me money on fuel and my car ran so much better. When I tried the Chain/Gear Lube on my Race Bike I was even more impressed. The difference was amazing

Scott Erwood-3 Scott Erwood-1Scott Erwood-2

As a result of winning the Canadian BMX Championships I won a place on the Canada Team. As you know I competed at the 2008 Olympics this year and represented Canada as a Canadian BMX team member in Beijing,China. I used your NitroLube Chain/Gear lube product on my wheel gears, pedal bearings, sprockets, race gears and found that my bike ran awesome and the NitroLube worked far superior than anything else I have ever used. Your product does what it claims it can do and I am very happy with the results. I would recommend anyone that rides to try it cause it really works. Look forward to winning some major events in the 2009 season, with my NitroLube’d super bike.

Scott Erwood
2008 Olympic Team BMX Member

Before using the NitroLube products in my 1994 Mazda MX6, I would get an average of 500 km’s city driving. When doing my next fill up and adding the NitroLube Fuel Lubricant/Conditioner and the NitroLube Oil “Friction Modifier”, I was able to drive over 600 kms in the city. Now, I’m no math expert but I know that translates into 20% more fuel mileage and thus saving me money.

While doing my latest road trip on the highway I was able to drive nearly 700 Km’s on a full tank, Incredible money savings. Before I would only be able to get around 575 km’s. That’s over 20%+ and my 6th tank of fuel is now FREE. I also noticed a smoother running engine and I know that it is performing better, with less stress and heat occurring while using the NitroLube. I will be telling my friends about it. You have a great product that really works.

Adrian Kiehlbauch
AK Media Productions

Just wanted to tell you that I was shocked when I tried your NitroLube products. My brother, a racer uses your products for his 2000HP dragster. I was over at his place and he mentioned that I should try your products in my construction road building CAT 446 Machine. To satisfy my brothers insistence I helped myself,( from his race trailer) to the Oil “Friction Modifier” and the Fuel Lubricant for my Diesel. I tried it the next day Monday and WOW….. My Gas tank still had fuel at the end of the day. I saved about 25% of my fuel tank and I have been using it for a month now. I now get my 5th Tank of Diesel Fuel FREE.

Your Oil and Fuel lubricant is just awesome and I can feel the difference in my Loader CAT machine. Keeping my injectors and fuel pump lubricated and cleaned keeps my equipment in great shape. I will also be using your Hi-Performance 800psi Grease. By the way, that Multi-Purpose Spray is like “WD40 on Steroids” You have great products that really work.

Ron ZaZula
TRIRON Construction
Coquitlam, B.C.

I am so impressed with your product that I had to tell you what happened. I was introduced to your product, the NitroLube Multi-Purpose spray by a friend who said this stuff rocked, so I bought some and sure enough tried it on everything from lubricating to removing rusted bolts to stopping electrical corrosion, it beat all the other fluids I had ever tried, it really works. I own and work at my own Automotive repair shop and I am always looking for good products to make my jobs easier and faster, your NitroLube is a quality product that does what it says it will do.

I was at my local Lordco Auto Parts and noticed the flyer for NitroLube and saw they had a Fuel and Oil additive, so I thought I would try some. I race a Suzuki 2000 GSXR 750 at Mission Raceway, B.C. in the Top Super Bike Class and also at Seattle, Spokane and Portland. So in 2007, I tried the NitroLube “Friction Modifier” oil additive. Before trying NitroLube I was using Amsoil Synthetic Oil only and my engine temp was always around 180-185 deg, I have a stock, digital temp gauge so its not hard to see the temp. I changed the oil and filter and added the NitroLube. Simon Field-03Simon Field-01Simon Field-02 That race weekend happened to be one of the hottest weekends we raced at in 2007, I noticed my engine temp had dropped to around 160-165 degree’s and that it ran smoother and pulled harder out of the corners. This bike constantly see’s 14,000 rpm and constant gear shift. This was crazy, just from an oil additive? I decided to rebuild my engine before the 2008 race season, for maintenance reasons, and the motor was in good shape. Through out the race season, I didn’t have one mechanical failure and my gearbox had no issues whereas I usually notice false neutrals near the end of the season due to constant shifting abuse. I highly recommend your NitroLube products to any Super Bike racer, your product Rocks.

Simon Field
(Super Bike #280)
Simon Automotive Langley, B.C

I have to say, that using Nitrolube products in my vehicle which I use for business has saved me at least $46/mo in fuel costs on my commute into town everyday. Just by using the “friction modifier” in my oil, where I was normally filling up every seven days, I am now filling up every nine days. It appears that I will be getting every 5th or 6th Tank of Gas FREE that’s like 20%+. Its’ a great savings for me, I just couldn’t believe it at first but I am a believer in your products now.

As for my business, I constantly run into problems with computer fans, mainly they stop working for a variety of reasons. After cleaning a video card fan, I used the Multi-Purpose Lubricant and it brought the non-spinning fan back to life giving enough time to get my issue resolved with my client. Now, I use the lubricant on all new fans in all the computer systems I install, to help extend the life of the computer equipment and get better cooling efficiency. I really think your product works very well and it definitely saves you money. I will be letting all my friends know that if they are not using NitroLube that they are missing out. Thank you.

Robert Leroux
Langley, B.C.

Thank you for introducing us to your NitroLube products. Finally found something that works. Our Golf Carts and Machinery are working better now and are even saving us money. We now use all your products from the Engine Oil to the emission reducing Fuel Additives and your Multi-Purpose. Do they ever work well…. I would recommend all Golf courses get on the program.

Gerry B.
Superintendent NewLands Golf & Country Club
Langley, B.C.

Just wanted to thank you for the Oil and let you know when we attended the Mission Raceway Park event where we did an oil change on the 2000/F650 with NITROLUBE 15w40 Oil.

We were a little sceptical but within 20 Kilometres we started to notice that the performance difference on the top-end dieseling and rattling sound was disappearing. The real test soon came the next weekend after leaving Port Alberni pulling up the Big Buckley Bay hill. We usually are in 4th gear thinking about 3rd by the time we were near the top, with the NITROLUBE oil change, the same hill, same load 6th gear thinking about 5th at the top of hill (still doing 80k) there were 3 big grinning faces in the cab of that truck…… all firm believers of NITROLUBE now. We did not pay close attention to fuel consumption but I think we did save a bunch. We will be using NITROLUBE NITRO-2000 in the diffs and tranny and hope to save more on our fuel expenses.  We are also going to treat the hydraulic and cooling systems.

Thank you for introducing us to such a great product and looking forward to savings in fuel. Like you said, just try it and you tell me what you think. WELL…… It Really Works. You have a great product and I will be letting all my friends in the business know about it.

Kelly Russell
Coastal Motor Sports & Towing
Port Alice, B.C.

I met your NitroLube person at the Lordco trade show and he asked me to send an e-mail to tell him if I was happy with his product after I used it. Well guess what……your product proved to be even Better than he said it would be, I used the Friction Modifier in my tow truck and it is now just purring again. So is my pick-up truck (97 Ford V-6) But the amazing story involves my wrist watch.

While on a Las Vegas vacation, my three year old Seiko wrist watch decided to stop I brought it home and took it to a jeweler and was told it would be a couple of hundred dollars to repair. So I just bought a new watch.

At the Lordco show I got me a sample of Nitro Lube Multi-Purpose lubricant. I was told  it would fix just about anything. I took the back off the Seiko and gave it a shot of the lubricant. Guess what, the watch has not quit since and is right on time. Thanks for saving me Money. What a great product. I will let all my friends know about NitroLube.

William Wayne Borthwick
Port Moody, B.C.

We operate a race car driving school near Toronto and all the race cars are getting the royal NitroLube treatment. We have tried many additive products over the years, some worked but Nitrolube is the best product I have ever used. Read on to see how we came to our every 6th tank fill is FREE decision.

I am probably the most skeptical person you will probably meet so, when I met Jason from NitroLube you can imagine my reaction when he asked me if I would try his Friction Modifier oil additive product in my 2001 Volvo V70 with 265,000 kms. Our meeting in February coincided with the International Auto Show in Toronto. On our way to my race track we needed to stop for gas and when I stopped at the gas station Jason became quite insistent and I agreed to let him add the NitroLube additive into the oil. I normally do 300 kms a day to and from home and I was used to filling my 50 litres of gas at least every 2nd day at around the 500kms point on the odometer.

Up to this point I had never really looked closely at the odometer but used the on-board computer to check the odometer just to see how far out the on-board computer was. Anyway I set the odometer to zero and off we went without giving any further thought to the introduction of NitroLube into my car’s oil tank. On or about Thursday of the same week and having driven around town and at least once more to the track I noticed that I still had a quarter of a tank left and or about 300 kms on the computer. My immediate thought was that one of my adult kids had “borrowed” my car and obligingly put in some fuel. That night I asked “no one used or filled up the car”. By now I was intrigued and on my next fill up wrote down the odometer reading in a note book still trying to figure out what was happening. I still had not put 2 and 2 together as I was convinced that by putting an oil additive that it would change the fuel mileage much. Well low and behold I was now getting over 600kms per tank – 100 kms more than before – and reluctantly (because I am still a skeptic) I must state that the only thing that changed was the introduction of Nitrolube to my oil.

At present it is September and 30,000 kms and 3 oil changes later and I am now getting even better mileage – approx 650 kms per 50 litre fill up – all due to using the NitroLube “Friction Modifier” after each oil change. That means every 6th tank fill is FREE. In fact I am so impressed I have requested to be the agent for NitroLube in Ontario.

In addition Jason tells me he is going to send me some of his fuel lubricant enhancer additive and I can’t wait to see how it works in both my diesel and gas vehicles. It’s all about saving money and extending the life of my cars.

We operate a racecar driving school and all the races cars are getting the royal NitroLube treatment. We have tried many additive products over the years, some worked but NitroLube is the best product I have ever used.

Lee Abrahamson -President & CEO
Dunnville Autodrome Ltd

I wanted to tell you how great your NitroLube is. I used your 90 Ford-JVproducts for my recent AirCare inspection. My 1990 Ford pickup with 163,000 km after using your Oil and Fuel products has not run this well since it was new. All my test readings were so low. The look on the Aircare people’s faces when I got a 0.00 reading on my Carbon Monoxide was priceless. They thought their machine was broken. I told them I use NitroLube. They just smiled. They heard about your product and how good it is. I have attached my AIRCARE REPORT for you.

I will recommend your products to all my friends. Thanks for helping to save the environment. Awesome stuff… really works.

James VanderGugton
Warehouse Manager
Surrey, B.C.

This is to let you know how pleased I am with your91 Mazda-George amazing products. I have a 1991 Mazda Miata with well over 300,000 kms on it. This is a well used vehicle. Prior to being subjected to an AirCare inspection, I began using NitroLube products. Specifically, I have been using the NitroLube Gasoline conditioner in my fuel, as well as the NitroLube Engine Formulation added to my oil. The results of my October, 2006 test speak for themselves.

I have attached my AIRCARE REPORT for you. Not only is my car running and performing better than it has for some time, I appreciate being able to do my part in reducing the chemicals being added to our air. This is a great Environmental friendly product that everyone should use to reduce Greenhouse Gases.

George Greenwood
Langley, B.C.

Thanks again for turning me on to your NL100 2 cycle oil. As you know we are kart racers from Westwood Karting Association and I also happen to be the President of the club.

I have two sons who race, and as you know as racers we are always looking for that “edge” to be better than the other guy. When I switched over to the NL100 I could not believe the difference in performance. The engine burned cleaner which is a bonus in a 2-cycle engine; it ran smoother and had more acceleration because of the cleaner burn. Not to mention less smoke being put into the environment. It is absolutely awesome stuff!!

We also used your multi-lube on all the bearings and immediately felt a difference in the “free wheeling” of the rear axle when you spun the wheels. Not to mention it kept everything cleaner especially in the rain races. So thanks again, great product and we will see you at the track.

Richard Frost – President
Westwood Karting Association

I first used NitroLube in my 1985 GMC truck 460 cubic engine because the top valves and lifters were squeaky and noisy. After installing some NitroLube Oil concentrate into the engine oil, it quieted right down. The truck at that time had approx. 240,000km on the engine. This engine now has approx. 400,000km and was purchased by a retired auto mechanic from Dawson Creek, B.C. and he told me recently that the engine is still working good, no noise and no burning of oil.

I also use NitroLube in all my service trucks. NitroLube saves me money, it’s the Best! I own an electrical repair company called Foothills Electric Ltd in Calgary, Alberta and have been rebuilding electric motors and gearboxes for over 40 years. The Alberta Wheat Pool brought us a large gearbox to repair–6ft.high,4ft.wide and 2ft.thick and they use this size of gearbox to propel all their grain elevators all over Western Canada. A new one costs $80,000.00 so we rebuilt this unit. Both main and pinion gears were worn out–metal fatigued, so we ordered new gears from the factory in the USA. The main had 113 teeth and the pinion gear had 11 teeth and we installed the gears into the unit.

Upon test running this new unit in our shop we found the gearbox to be noisy inside the unit. We put one Litre of NitroLube into the gearbox with 15 Litres of gear oil and the gearbox stopped making the gear noise–it was quiet. Then we opened the top inspection plate to look at the gears and the NitroLube oil had mixed with the gear oil and you could see a film of oil on every gear tooth sticking to the metal. Even after the pinion gear meshed with the main gear you could see a film of oil on the metal. We explained this to the Alberta Wheat Pool maintenance man and when he came to pick up the unit, we did the running test. He could not believe how quiet it was. It was then that Alberta Wheat Pool purchased five-20 litre buckets of NitroLube and they went all over Western Canada and installed NitroLube into every gearbox that they had in grain elevators. The maintenance man said that they saved thousands of dollars on repairs and I never heard from Alberta Wheat Pool again–that was a few years ago. They were very happy with the results and no problems with gearboxes.

I did lose some future work but I helped them save some money.

Zygmond Piebiak – Owner
Foothills Electric

Calgary, Alberta

Re: NITROLUBE – MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT For the past 7 months, as a Millwright Contractor of 40 years, I have been testing this product on many projects with which I have been contracted to perform Millwright duties for my client companies.

Due to this product’s dry ability to penetrate to the very bottom of heated and rusted on bolts, given the 10 to 15 minutes allowed for this product to saturate the bolt to its base, I found that in every case, that these bolts became easy to remove as the lack of the oil in this product did not impede this product’s ability to actually penetrate to the very bottom of these bolts enabling wrenching out, rather than breaking out, of these very stuck in fasteners.

Further, when using the Multi-Purpose product on a drill press drilling out approximately 200 holes in repetition the drill bit drilled much cooler and deeper and kept the drill bit sharp without need of re-sharpening at the end of this project.

As a Millwright Contractor, I found this product to prove much more superior to WD 40, and/or, any other similar product. I liked the versatility where I can have one can that does everything.

I have used many products in my past 40 odd years in my trade but NitroLube is the Best I have ever used.

Roger LaRose – Independent Operator
Arcteck Maintenance Services
Langley, BC.

To NitroLube I have been using your product now for about a year. The product that I have been using is the MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT.

In our line of work we deal with many moving parts, seized parts and electrical in all our machinery maintenance situations. I was using about five other different types of products before. I have now cut my product costs in half and have less down time on the machinery cause the NitroLube really works.

The mechanics like it because they don’t need to look for that one product to do a particular job; the MULTI-PURPOSE LUBRICANT does it all. It is the best versatile lubricant in our shop and I am very happy with it.

I would recommend NitroLube to anyone that wants to get the job done and save money.

Sheldon Coe Service Manager
United Rentals Canada Ltd

We here at Lordco Machine Shop have been using the “NitroLube” Multi-Purpose lubricant for approximately a year and a half now. This product has greatly increased our profitability on the smaller in and out jobs.

Previously when someone would need a broken bolt removed we may have to drill the bolt, remove it, and install a helicoil, which is very costly. Now all bolts are first treated with “NitroLube” and approximately 70 percent can be removed successfully without installing a helicoil, thus saving time, greater production turn over rate and thereby making profit. Whenever a product comes available that can eliminate the use of several different products, increase productivity and profitability it is definitely something that cannot be overlooked.

I am such an advocate of NitroLube within the shop that it only stands to reason that I would use it on a personal level as well.

I use the Multi-Purpose around the house, as well as the NitroLube Oil Concentrate” and the Fuel Lubricant Conditioner” in my vehicles.

It is my opinion that if you are not using “NitroLube” in some capacity, no matter what trade you are in……you are missing the boat!

Craig Hovey – Manager
Lordco Machine Shop
Langley, B.C. 3/07

I walked into a local auto parts store and saw a huge display of NitroLube products right on top of the service counter. When I asked about it all the employees were raving about how great these lubricant products were. I was impressed enough to purchase the oil additive, gas additive and lubricant spray.

Well I must admit to being impressed! The oil additive increased my mileage, the gas additive gave me more horsepower and the lube spray got rid of that squeaky shock absorber! Needless to say, I recommend NitroLube products to anyone who wants to increase performance and save money on fuel. A total no-brainer!

Michael Blanchard
Langley, BC
Internet Business Consultant

For the past several months I have been trying out and testing several NitroLube products.

I started with the NITRO-2000 Engine Formulation and the Fuel Conditioner. Initially my observation was a noticeable reduction of engine noise, as time passed I noticed that there was also an improvement in my gas mileage. The big test was when I had to go through Air Care testing. My car’s emission numbers overall were well below the average and there was a marked improvement from the last time I had the car tested two years ago.

I have also had the opportunity to use the Multi-Purpose Lubricant around the house and find I am quite pleased with the results. Over all I would have to say that I am quite happy with my experience in using NitroLube products.

M. Jones
Performance Plus/
RPM Motoring Monthly


Hey Mr. NITROMAN Just droppin’ a thank-you note for hooking me up with NitroLube. My 4-stroke loves it! Oil consumption has dramatically reduced and the bike seems to pull harder on the top-end of the power band. Running an engine at 8,000 to 12,000rpm can only benefit from a product like NitroLube. My holeshot streak still stands at 8-0 this 2006 season. It’s great knowing you have the holeshot before the gate even drops! NitroLube is the Best. Thanks.

Blake Creelman
Motor Cross #234
Vancouver Island

Just want to drop a line telling you and your future customers that we at Elke Bros.Transport Ltd. are very excited about the NitroLube products that you offer.

We currently run 65 trucks across North America encountering a great variance of weather conditions. We found that by using just the NITRO-2000 oil treatment we saved approximately 10%, while adding the fuel conditioner enhancer it seemed to add another 4%. There was some minor variance between trucks but over all this was the savings we found, and at the price of fuel, huge$$.

We are currently using your product with success and have other products and so far none seem to be as effective as yours. We also use your amazing Multi-purpose Lubricant in our mechanic service shop. Your product protects plugs and does everything from electrical to drilling lubrication to rusted bolts.

We recently saved hours of shop time on repairing trailer brakes. The dust cover was removed previously by shearing off the rusted bolts and re-drilling them and installing new bigger bolts. Now the job takes 15 minutes. We just spray the NitroLube Multi Purpose on the rusted bolts and wait for 5 minutes and off they come.

We are very happy with all your products and look forward to letting all our trucking associates in the trucking industry know about your great products. We will be adding more trucks in future with your products. Once again thanks for all your knowledge and insight to these ever increasing costs.

Brian Anderson Shop Supervisor
Elke Bros. Transport.Ltd
Surrey, B.C.

I am not sure if you will remember? I met you in Mission on TA-2July 9th my cycling team along with 3 members of the Vancouver Canucks alumni were cycling from Langley to Hope for the “Ride for Hope” Foundation. You were kind enough to give us samples of NitroLube, at that time I told you about a 7 day mountain bike stage race that we may be doing in August, well we finished the 7 day race and we were on the podium 3 days out of 7 and finished 3rd in our category, the conditions varied from wet, to hot, dry, & dusty! Nitrolube was awesome! we carried the small samples in our packs and used them on every stage. You have a great product that really works and we will let others know about it. TA-1 Just a note……Team Alliance encourages corporations and businesses to make a donation to the Ride for Hope. The organization that makes the largest donation to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice through this year’s Ride (July 8th 2009) will receive three autographed Vancouver Canucks Jerseys for their generosity. Thank you.

Jeff Bandura
Team Alliance

I have been using your product for my race car now for 2 years. Sure makes a difference! My times where faster and the engine is much cooler and I’m sure that with the friction reducing power that NitroLube engine formulation has that the wear and tear of thermal stress on the engine is reduced. Makes my engine last longer.

I support your product and let all my friends know about it. By the way I use it in our Race Trailer hauler. Great Gas mileage saver about 20%
Rob Whitcroft
R.J. Racing

Nanaimo, B.C.

I just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your NitroLube products. We run a specialized custom camshaft grinding business, where we do work for clients from around the world. I have been in the cam business for over 25 years and I have used many lubricant products. You showed me how NitroLube out performed all the products I have been using for years, that I had tested over and over believing them to be the best. I went out and purchased my own load tester and did the tests again. Your product NitroLube again out performed all of my lubricants…….It really works.

I will be using NitroLube in the shop but the main reason I am mostly interested in NitroLube is that we will be coating all our race cams with it, this on top of the Parkerizing procedure we do, will give a much safer break in period.

I want to thank-you, very much for introducing us to NitroLube and I will highly recommend it to all my customers.

Geoff Bardal and the crew
Colt Cams Inc

Langley, BC

My name is Jim Crawford from Jim’s Auto Centre in Langley, B.C. I have been in the automotive business for over 30 years, I have used and tested almost every product on the market.

In 2005 Jason from NitroLube approached me about using NitroLube products in my racecar and tow vehicle. I was skeptical at first but I tried the Fuel Conditioner, the NITRO-2000 engine concentrate and the power train oil enhancer in my racecar. I run a 1981 Z28 camero with a 650 H.P., 377 small block. I run a 0-30 engine oil with the NitroLube concentrate. I have run the engine for 2 seasons now with No failure what so ever using NitroLube. The engine runs cooler and performs flawlessly up to 8000 RPM.

The transmission also runs cooler and again with no failure. I use magnetic plugs in the engine, transmission and rear end and there have been no deposits on any of them. The Performance is awesome and there are no signs of wear after two seasons of racing . NitroLube really works well and is a great product.

I have noticed a performance gain using all the NitroLube products. My tow vehicle is a dodge diesel bus and I run both the engine and fuel products and the performance difference is quite noticeable. I would recommend the use of NitroLube products in stock or race applications, for anyone that wants increased performance.

Jim Crawford
Jim’s Automotive
Langley, B.C.

PRECISION RACING ENGINES owed by Ron Newton and Dwayne Van Vliet has been designing and building race engines for over 15 years in our state of the art engine shop in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

We recently performed tests on NitroLube NITRO-2000 Oil Concentrate for car engines on our in-house computerized DTS Dyno. We found that the NitroLube NITRO-2000 showed an significant increase in Horse Power and Torque and we found that it decreased the elapse time from the regular test oil 6 seconds to 5.3 seconds with the added NITRO-2000. A major difference in engine performance.

On the results of our testing we would recommend the NITRO-2000 concentrate to increase your engine performance. We are looking forward to using NitroLube in our race engines and OEM engines. NitroLube produces a number of other products that we intend to use in our shop and on our equipment.


North Vancouver. B.C.

My name is Kevin Cudmore and I am an instructor for Automotive Training Centre. Before that I was a High School Teacher and a Licensed Mechanic for over Twenty years. In my line of work I have to know how oils and lubricants work due to having to teach it at a College level.

One day I was picking up the supplies to do an oil change on my 2003 Astro Van and the parts person started talking about a product that he tried in his truck with great results. At the time I have to tell you that I was very skeptical due to all the products that have been offered to me at either free of charge or at a great financial cost. I reluctantly bought the product with a promise that if there was no noticeable difference I could get my money back. The product was “NitroLube Friction Modifier” and that night I had my class perform an oil change on my van. This was the first time that I ever found a complete difference on the running of my vehicle upon starting it up (I was expecting it to take a while). I was extremely impressed with the immediate smoothness of the running of the engine (I thought all V6’s ran a little rough).

Since then I decided to try the Fuel Modifier in my gas tank to address an intermitting start-up problem that I and a customer, with the same vehicle, had for quite a while. Both vehicles now start flawless and both the customer and I are very happy because the solution for the problem was pointing to changing the central injector systems in our Vortec engines (cha ching). My customer also remarked on how much better his engine started and ran! I would recommend Nitrolube products to everyone .

Kevin Cudmore – Instructor Automotive Training Centre
Surrey, B.C.

I recently purchased a truck and decided to run without any additives to the oil or fuel.

After a couple of weeks I found that the mileage was 15 miles per gallon. I then put the NITROLUBE oil and the fuel additive into the appropriate places, ran for a couple of weeks, and again measured the mileage.

This time the mileage was 19.1 miles per gallon. That represents a 27.3% increase per gallon of gas burned not to mention saving the wear and tear on the engine. With the amount of driving I do and as the price of fuel continues to escalate the savings will only become better making the “NITROLUBE” product a no brainier for anyone that owns a vehicle.

I will be adding the products to my lawnmower weed eater and boat and expect the same results. I recommend the use of “NITROLUBE” to anyone who likes to save money.

Inspector Doug

Brown & Associates
Building Inspection Services

Hey NitroMan, this is Dave Greenwood from Azzkikr Dave GreenwoodCustoms. I’m a fabricator building custom Harley’s, I have been using your NitroLube Multi-Purpose in the shop every day on all my tools, like my lathe, milling machine, bandsaw, drilling, airtools, etc…. It’s made a huge difference in my work, I do the jobs faster and the wear and tear on my bits and machinery is reduced a lot. I also use your NITRO-2000 and Fuel Lubricant Conditioner in my vehicles and Bikes which now run smoother & better gas mileage . I want to thank you for introducing me to your Nitrolube line. thanks again.

Dave Greenwood
Azzkikr Customs

Surrey, B.C. Canada

I have been using Nitrolube NITRO-2000 and Nitrolube Fuel Conditioner in my 12V Dodge Cummins Diesel 5.9L for about 6 months now, and this is what I have found:

1. Increased fuel mileage of about 15%, previously 870km/tank, now over 1000km .

2. Smoother starting at cold temperatures .

3. Less emissions after starting, used to get gray smoke, now almost none.

4. More quiet operation, I can now hear callers on my cell phone while next to the running vehicle. I highly recommend this product to anyone interested in conserving fuel and lowering their vehicle’s emissions. This is a money saving product.

Clarke Olson
CA Tara Hill Farms
Langley, BC, Canada

Thank you for introducing me to your NitroLube product.I have my Masters Degree in Space Sciences and Chemistry. I was very skeptical about your product. I did however use it in my 2000 Toyota. I was amazed how well your product worked and couldn’t believe after testing how well my motor ran and that I got 152km more on my tank I gas. I am very believing now. Very good products.

Mr. Yamazaki
New Westminster, B.C.
Window to Japan

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for introducing our companies and racing team to NITROLUBE. We have been using NitroLube in our tow vehicles and shop trucks and have really noticed a drastic decrease in fuel consumption and increased power.


More importantly we use it in our racecars and the difference has been amazing.

In the motor oil, we found not only the huge increase in horsepower, but the water temperature had dropped nearly 30 degrees and the oil temperature 40 degrees. In the world of racing it’s huge for 500hp engine longevity.

In the past we have also had problems in long races with transmission and differentials overheating. PROBLEM SOLVED. The three racing school cars have over 800 hard laps on them and the oil is still as clean as the day we put it in. The word is out in the Racing community about NITROLUBE!!! Too bad, it’s the only edge we had!!!

Mike Sproule President,
Okanagan Racing Experience
Driver of the #8 NitroLube – Monte Carlo

Just a quick note to let you know how great your NitroLube products are. I have been using them now for 8 years. I have a Vaccum business and I use NitroLube in all my trucks which has improved my fuel mileage drastically. The increase in mileage is approximately 15%.

I also run NitroLube in the transmission and the differentials. Some of the equipment has over 500,000 km on them with little wear. I also run both the fuel conditioner and oil additive in my personal vehicles, with the same great results.

A great product….I would recommend it to anyone that wants to save money, and wear and tear on their vehicles or machinery. I’m a life long NitroLube customer. Best Regards.

Rick Andrews
Medicine Hat, Alberta

TO: President – NitroLube A message of congratulations to yourself and NitroLube. I normally would not spend any time to write testimonials for products that I have been introduced to but this time I felt like I would be doing an enormous disservice to you and all of your future customers if I didn’t.

My name is M Vanderhoek. Our company is TCA Safety Systems Incorporated. We are a manufacturer and distributor of Tool Storage boxes and Aftermarket Commercial Vehicle Safety Lighting and Mirror products throughout North America. Our products are produced, marketed and sold under the TCA and  WiseEye brand name. Although our focus is primarily on creating and designing one of a kind unique safety products for the commercial trucking industry we do develop manufacture and distribute several products related to the passenger car, pickup truck and SUV market.

Like the majority of people I was obviously very skeptical when I was introduced to your line of NitroLube products because there are multitudes of lubricants, oil additives and greases on the market today. Of course each one performs much more efficiently than what the competitor has to offer and my attitude towards them until now has mostly been that they are all about the same and no different then the last product we were asked to evaluate. Based on the results shown to me from the demonstration I was given, I decided to give your product an opportunity.

NitroLube lubricants and grease outperformed, outlasted and far surpassed every competing product that was tested the day I received the demonstration. Based on what I was seeing with my own eyes I decided it was worth trying NitroLubes’ product line and hopefully save some money in the way of maintenance and fuel costs. I have never looked back since!

We are now using NitroLube products in every one of our company vehicles, semi trailer trucks and every family owned vehicle. After performing our own testing in vehicle after vehicle from company passenger cars to semi-trailer trucks I am convinced that there is no product on the market today that compares with NitroLube’s line of lubricants and motor oils. The reduction in maintenance and fuel costs has been amazingly significant. Everyone driving a vehicle using NitroLube products confirms that the engines in all of them seem to run smoother, quieter and the vehicle goes much further on a tank of gas.

I will write to you again in the near future regarding our anticipated annual maintenance and fuel savings which we feel are directly attributed to the use of your NitroLube lubricants, oils and greases. There has never been a grease that we have ever discovered to be as efficient to use on our semi trailer trucks as the NitroLube Red and Gold Grease.

For customers reading this testimonial without any semi trailer or truck knowledge the fifth wheel of a truck is the round plate that sits on the top of the truck frame and hooks the truck to the trailer that the driver is planning to pull. The friction created between this plate and the bottom of the trailer when the two units are combined together is enormous. Without grease on this fifth wheel plate the friction created between the two makes the truck extremely hard to handle and adds immense wear on the tires and on many other parts of the truck. Finding a grease that would stick to the fifth wheel under all types of adverse weather conditions or simply not just wash off in the rain has long been an issue for truck drivers. NitroLube grease far outlasts any competitor’s grease we have ever used on the fifth wheels of our trucks and does not simply wash off or melt off under any conditions. Our drivers are now using less then half the amount of grease on the fifth wheels of our trucks that they would normally use….Saving us money. We now use only NitroLube grease for all scheduled and regular maintenance and greasing of our trucks.

We are now using the NitroLube Multi-Purpose Lubricant in our service shop for every application that requires removing rusty bolts, protecting wiring and connectors, keeping keyholes lubricated, door hinges and railings and any other purpose that requires the use of a lubricant. The most popular Trucking lubricant on the market today should be the NitroLube Multi-Purpose lubricant because nothing compares to this All-Purpose lubricant.

The Water Soluble Cutting Oil makes our drilling and cutting projects in our service shop half the work that it was before using NitroLubes cutting oil. The savings in drill bits alone covers the costs of the cutting oil. There is a night and day difference from this cutting oil to any drilling oil we have ever utilized. The majority of the products distributed by TCA Safety Systems Incorporated are manufactured in China.

As the Owner/Quality Control Manager for our company most of my time is spent in China designing, engineering and manufacturing our companies product line. The market potential for NitroLube products is in the 100,000’s for factories in China that use these types of lubricants, oils and additives….it’s just staggering. There are literally millions of CNC cutting machines, drilling machines, and presses that are in use 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Because of power shortage problems there are also many generators being used that could benefit from NitroLube products. It is hard to fathom the amount of money these factories could save by using a superior product like NitroLube in so many applications.

On my next trip to China I will be introducing your line of products to one of our major manufacturer in China. This factory has over 100 drilling machines and 50 CNC cutting machines working 24 hours a day. A major complaint from this and all factories in China is the amount of money spent on drill bits and CNC cutting tools to manufacture products.

I have spoken with the operations manager at our factory in China and he has agreed to test and evaluate NitroLube’s Water Soluble Cutting Oil and Multi-Purpose Lubricant. I am sure you will soon see that NitroLube will be the product of choice for not just our factories but factories all over in China, Taiwan, Japan and throughout Asia.

I will be in touch with you regarding the test results in China. With what I am sure will be a successful result. I will supply you or your distributor with contact names and numbers for our factories in China. My hope is that this will be a great opportunity for NitroLube and all of your shareholders. An amazing product line that you should be proud of!

M Vanderhoek – Owner
TCA Safety Systems Incorporated

I have used this product for at least 10 years in all my vehicles, tractors, and hydraulic systems with excellent results.

I purchased a 1993 – 7.3ltr. F250 with under 50,000 km. I introduced this Truck to NitroLube Lubricants for Engine, Transmission and Differential. We continued with regular oil changes. The truck was sold privately to my friend George with 290,000 km.
In 2002 I spoke with George and he relayed the following information on the truck. George still has the truck but drives it very little. The present mileage is 1,289,000 km the engine has never been repair. Transmission was serviced at 850,000 km and the transmission shop couldn’t believe the condition. The Differential/rear end has never been repaired. He has continued using NitroLube & is now using it in the (4) four – D8 caterpillars he owns When the truck had 710,000 km while George was coming back from a remote work site in the Yukon he lost all the oil with a hole in the oil pan. He drove 580Km when he noticed that there was no oil pressure…… how far he had traveled without oil pressure he wasn’t sure, but he got to the nearest Ford service center to get another oil pan but instead had to get it welded.

On his return the service manager insisted that they do a motor job on the truck. NO….. we’ll just install the oil pan…. fill it with NitroLube so I can go home. Started the truck and drove home and used the truck for another 1 ½ years after that with the same oil pan. During this time he has not had any problems with the engine and it’s performance.
In 1987 I bought John Deer 2010 small chore tractor about 10 years later with continual hydraulic problems mostly in the winter time we start using Nitro Lube…. the improvement was noticeable the first winter and kept improving the more we used the tractor .

During this time I bought an old steel wheeled John Deere that was seized up. We removed the Exhaust manifolds and poured in a mixture of diesel fuel ( 2 parts) & NitroLube (2 Parts)Multi Purpose oil. We left this mixture sit in the top end of the engine for about a week. After towing it around the yard for about 10 minutes it broke free. Drained all the oil replaced with new oil and NitroLube and got the tractor started. This tractor has gone to many shows since that time and has preformed remarkable.

Today I have a 1999. 7.3ltr. F-250 pulling a 30 foot flat deck trailer that is normally loaded with about 14000 lbs of freight to service the oil fields and driving through hilly countryside. This engine needs to work and with NitroLube we have not had any problems and the fuel mileage is just great.
Since I was introduced to NitroLube many years ago I have used NitroLube in all our vehicles and believe that we have reduced fuel consumption, wear and tear and extended the life of our engines.

The first 6 years that we used NitroLube on each and every oil change we had analysis done on the oil. The results showed a reduction of metal fragments and we increased our oil change from 5000 km to 10000 km with no decrease in oil viscosity. You have an excellent product that really works.

Richard Tiessen – Owner
Tiessen Production Services
Ponoka, Alberta

Every year, I guide canoe trips in Northern BC and the Yukon. I have a 15 passenger van which I use to transport people and pull a gear and canoe trailer. This was the first year I used NitroLube in the oil and gas. I just put them in and forgot about them. I couldn’t figure out why I was not stopping at all my usual gas stations to fill up until I remembered that NitroLube improved gas mileage. I couldn’t believe the improvement in my gas mileage.
I love the product and it is saving me money. It is my way to snub my nose at the gas companies and their prices.

Dean Hull
Pathways Canada Tour Co. Ltd.

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