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soluble cutting oil-1 copyWater Soluble Cutting Oil

Contains NITRO-2000 Advanced Formulation

NitroLube Soluble Cutting Oil with Nitro 2000 is extremely effective in making emulsions for use in grinding, sawing, milling, boring, reaming, drilling and turning in the majority of general machine shop work where a coolant lubricant is required. This product is especially effective where the water has a hardness of above 400 ppm. It is an excellent roll coolant, quench induction lubricant for heated parts and as a corrosion inhibitor in hydraulic systems where water emulsion is used as a medium.

Tested in Japan by major steel companies. The tests showed an increase of tool life by 300%. Toyota Gear Cutter F1-263A tic Nachi Metal up to 17% reduction

NitroLube Soluble Cutting Oil with Nitro 2000 will increase the overall life of the emulsion by reducing bacteria growth and the effects on workers skin. Cutting temperatures reduced by 50%.

Systems converting to our Soluble Oil with Nitro 2000 should be purged if contaminated with high concentrations of bacteria prior to introducing the new emulsion. PH reading should be monitored on a regular basis with all soluble cutting oils and if the reading is in excess of 10 on the ph scale, irritation could result on the workers skin.

Workers with sensitive skin should make a practice of applying a barrier cream such as zinc oxide prior to working with ANY soluble oil. This precaution will eliminate problems of possible chafing or skin rashes.

The following is a quick guide to mixing procedures with NitroLube


DRILLING             10:1 TO 15:1                 TURNING              15:1 TO 30:1

GRINDING            30:1 TO 50:1                 SAWING                10:1 TO 15:1

REAM/BORE         10:1 TO 15:1                 MILLING                10:1 TO 15:1

(Parts water to Parts oil)

The general practice is to add the soluble oil to the water while vigorous mechanical agitation takes place. It is good practice to refrain from mixing by air as this may cause curdling to soluble oils.


NitroLube Soluble Neat Oil which can be added to existing cutting oils at 5% mixture when mixed with required parts of water to further reduce friction and heat.

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