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Labels-5 NL-100 2 cycle copy2 Cycle Oil – NL100 Racing Formulation 100:1 MIX

Engineered for Today’s 2-Cycle Two Stroke Oil Requirements

Reduces Temperature, Friction and Wear

Maximizes Torque and Horsepower

Preserves Engine Life and Performance

NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil NL100 with NITRO-2000 is a National Marine Manufactures Association certified oil meeting the TCW 3 specifications.

NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 is a superior quality lubricant specially compounded for use in high output, two cycle outboard, snowmobile, motorcycle, lawn mower and other two-cycle engines that specify a API-TC or a NMMA TCW 3 quality oil.

Engines requiring a mixture of fuel and ashless type lubricant can be lubricated with this oil. Actual fuel to oil ratio used should be governed by the recommendation of the engine manufacturer. NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 is also recommended for two cycle engines with lube injection systems.

NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 is a non-solvent formulation. DO NOT use as crankcase oil for 4-cycle engines.


NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 is compounded oil containing a balanced combination of ashless additives and high quality synthetic base oils. To facilitate mixing with gasoline at low temperatures, the oil has been “prediluted” to the viscosity of SAE 10W oil. This predilution is recognized by engine manufacturers and no allowance need be made for this predilution when following manufacturer’s recommended fuel oil ratios.

This combination of ashless additives, our specially formulated NITRO-2000, and high quality synthetic base oils controls deposits in critical internal areas of the engine.

Spark plug fouling and preignition are minimized by the low level of combustion chamber deposits. Deposits on reed valves, inlet ports and exhaust ports are minimized maintaining good air flow through the engine and good power output. Piston varnish and ring deposits are controlled to maintain good compression. In addition, a high degree of rust inhibition is provided to protect the working parts of the engine, particularly during prolonged storage. NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 will also help control cylinder scuffing.

Typical Properties


Color Blue
Flash Pt. °C 201
Pour Pt. °C -48
Sulphated Ash, % wt 0.15
NMMA Rust Test Pass
Performance Level NMMA, TCW3, SAE F/M Grade 4
Oil 5 Liters 10 Liters 25 Liters
16:1 315ml 625ml 1550ml
24:1 210ml 420ml 1050ml
32:1 165ml 315ml 800ml
50:1 100ml 200ml 500ml
100:1 50ml 100ml 250ml
Ratio: Milliliters (ml) Oil added to gasoline.




Features / Benefits

  • Low Ash Content – The ashless additives used in NitroLube Advanced  Formulation Two Cycle Oil in combination with NITRO-2000 will provide minimum combustion chamber deposits and reduced spark plug fouling. NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 will not form the harmful deposits associated with the use of ash-forming compounded oils or some straight mineral oils.
  • Ease of Mixing With Gasoline – NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with  NITRO-2000 can be readily mixed with gasoline at temperatures as low as -30 F.  It forms a stable non-separating fuel/oil mixture.
  • High Detergency – The detergent keeps engine parts clean, reduces port fouling and retards ring sticking.
  • High Quality Two-Stage HT Severe Hydrocracking Process Synthetic Base Oil –  Assures optimum lubrication for all moving parts, prevents scuffing of cylinder walls and assures maximum life for all anti-friction or journal type connecting rod bearings.
  • Rust Inhibition – NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with  NITRO-2000 has a high degree of rust resistance that assures protection of the internal working parts of the engine during prolonged storage as well as during use.
  • Minimizes Preignition  – Regular use of NitroLube Advanced Formulation Two Cycle Oil with NITRO-2000 sharply reduces preignition problems caused by harmful combustion chamber and spark plug deposits.

NitroLube 2-Cycle Two Stroke Concentrate with NITRO-2000 is formulated from the highest quality base stocks and our technologically advanced additives for outstanding performance and long equipment life. Developed for Two Stroke systems requiring extreme pressure lubricants, this concentrate minimizes friction and wear, it acts as heat transfer agent, and removes wear debris from contact zones and reduces noise of operation.

NitroLube 2-Cycle Two Stroke Oil Concentrate with NITRO-2000 is recommended for use in all types of Two Stroke applications.

Formulated with Advanced Technology

  • Exceptional high temperature thermal and mechanical stability
  • Outstanding extreme pressure performance
  • Excellent rust and oxidation protection for gears and bearings even in humid environments
  • Very effective ferrous and soft metal corrosion inhibitors

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