Nitrolube : The best synthetic oil and Performance Lubricants


NITRO TOPTAC is a heavy duty Moly fortified sticky Black Grease lubricant with superior film strength that provides continuous lubrication even under extreme weather conditions.

NITRO TOPTAC quickly bonds onto Gear Teeth, Cables, Wire Ropes, Chains; Boom Slides and other mechanisms. A heavy bodied very viscous grease film that continually recoats, protects and stays adhered while minimizing wear. It delivers the highest lubricity in the most demanding applications.

APPLICATIONS: Drilling Rigs; Dredgers; Drag Lines; Winches; Construction & Mining Equipment; Extend Booms; Slide Tracks; Power Drives; Shovels; Conveyors; Hoist; Elevators;Swings; Rack& Pinion Gears or anywhere a heavy duty sticky grease is needed.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Spray in well ventilated area. Take safety precaution and Avoid spraying onto skin, clothing or at eyes. Avoid overspray. Second coat can be applied if needed after 5 minutes set up time. Invert can, use burst spray to clear nozzle.

CAUTION: Sprays a sticky black film. Not recommended for plastics. Pre-test on Synthetic material. NOT for incidental food contact.

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