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Nitro Cor-Seal™

Lordco Part #NIT39100

Nitro Cor-Seal is uniquely formulated to provide a corrosion resistant protective coating for use on all batteries, terminals and assembly components. Professional product for auto, truck, lift truck, marine, rail, agriculture, recreation, industrial and institutional applications.

Nitro Cor-Seal contains special acrylic resins that effectively resist the harmful effects of electrolytic acid and alkali leakage. Prevents corrosion on terminals, cables, hold down clamps, assembly components, effectively seals and protects battery casing from microscopic leaks increasing life for new and old batteries. Dries fast to a glossy hard black coating that does not attract dirt, dust or retard battery operation. Safe for use on metal, wood, most rubber and plastic.

Directions: Clean surface of area to be protected. Remove dirt, dust, grease, rust, wax, acidic, alkali residue etc. Sprays best at room temperature. Protect area from over-spray. Wearing of gloves and face mask is recommended. Shake can for one minute. Shake frequently while spraying. Short dusting strokes provide best coverage. Two (2) coats preferred. Allow minimum one hour drying time before applying additional coat.  (DO NOT SPRAY ON CONTACTS – CONNECTED COMPONENTS ONLY)

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