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Lordco Part # NIT38501

Hot and Cold Weather Lubricant for all Conditions

Motorcycles, Bicycles, Motocross, Road Racing, BMX, Mountain Bike Racers, Quads, Skateboards, off-road, and Enduro.  Lubricate Chain, Derailleurs, Brake and Shift Cables, Hubs, Crank Pedal Gears, Suspensions, and Bearings.

NitroLube – eXtreme Chain and Gear Lube is a specially Formulated Lubricant recommended for all High Performance Racing and Off Road Motocross/BMX/Quad racing applications.

NitroLube’s unique complex Technology Blend of eXtreme patented “Friction Modifiers” and Anti-Wear Agents with water repellent properties, a non-evaporating formulation leaving a polarized micro film that does not attract dust or silica and which Lubricates and penetrates deep into all parts. The hotter the chain-gears and sprockets get, the better the product works.

NitroLube lubricates all internal gear hubs, protecting all components. A non-fling lubricant that provides outstanding protection against rust, corrosion and wear. NitroLube will overall reduce friction, heat & wear drastically on all working parts. When used regularly extends your equipment’s life.

NitroLube Chain/Gear Lube product has the highest testing parameters on the Extreme Pressure ASTM Test as it exceeds the 1000 psi limit. (Regular Bike oils and greases vary from 150 to 350 psi)

I have been a road cyclist up to the professional level for the past 30 years, cumulating in a Masters World Championship Title as well as a Masters World Games double Gold Medalist.During my career I have been able to both use and represent many cycling lubes with good as well as limited success. Recently I was introduced to NitroLube and have to say that I have yet in all these years to come across a product such as this.

There are very few products out there that I would stake my reputation on it, this is certainly one of them. It does what it claims and more! …..And recently I tried some of their other products…just amazing how well they work. “By far the BEST lubrication out there.” ……Read more ….(click here)

Larry Zimich
British Columbia,CANADA
Senior/Elite Road Race Champion


A very successful event at the BMX park in Langley, B.C. this long weekend.
Approximately 150 riders from the USA and Canada participated in 10
different classes from 4years old to unlimited age. Look forward to some
great riders coming up for our Canadian Olympic Teams.  NitroLube was
present to provide Nitro Cycling lube to the contestants.

When I tried the NitroLube Chain and Gear Lube on my Race Bike I was even more impressed.  The difference was amazing.

-Scott Erwood, Olympian BMX Canada Team Member

We were getting our Bike’s tuned up for this year and Yes!!!! What a surprise to the guys at the Shimano Bike Repair Centre ( …they could not believe we rode 17,000km on one set of drive train gears….hardly any wear.   “NitroLube Bike Lube is the Best”


Cloverdale BMX racer sweeps six national titles
Laurie Harding won Canadian Grands, American Grands, Race of Champions in both class and cruiser

From the “WE RIDE FOR THE KIDS” in support of Canuck Place Children Hospice.
Jeff BanduraScreenHunter_13 Mar. 31 08.50


  • For extreme cycling requirements and environments
  • Faster Speeds – Quicker Starts
  • eXtreme chain lubricant with extreme adherence properties
  • Resistant to spin & water repellent
  • Enhances power
  • High Torque pedaling
  • Does not evaporate off chain
  • Repels dirt, sand, grime, dust and salt
  • Decreases chain and sprocket wear
  • Reduces maintenance costs and down time
  • Extend the life of older components
  • Makes new equipment run even better
  • Provides optimum Chain/Gear life
  • Long lasting liquid spray Lubricant
  • Lasts twice as long as regular lubes

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