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Hot and Cold Weather Lubricant for all Conditions

Motorcycles, Bicycles, Motocross, Road Racing, BMX, Mountain Bike Racers, Quads, Skateboards, off-road, and Enduro.  Lubricate Chain, Derailleurs, Brake and Shift Cables, Hubs, Crank Pedal Gears, Suspensions, and Bearings.

NitroLube – eXtreme Chain and Gear Lube is a specially Formulated Lubricant recommended for all High Performance Racing and Off Road Motocross/BMX/Quad racing applications.

NitroLube’s unique complex Technology Blend of eXtreme patented “Friction Modifiers” and Anti-Wear Agents with water repellent properties, a non-evaporating formulation which Lubricates and penetrates deep into all parts.

NitroLube lubricates all internal gear hubs, protecting all components. A non-fling lubricant that provides outstanding protection against rust, corrosion and wear. NitroLube will overall reduce friction, heat & wear drastically on all working parts. When used regularly extends your equipments life.

NitroLube Chain/Gear Lube product has the highest testing parameters on the Extreme Pressure ASTM Test as it exceeds the 1000psi limit. (Regular Bike oils and greases vary from 150 to 350psi)

I have been a road cyclist up to the professional level for the past 30 years, cumulating in a Masters World Championship Title as well as a Masters World Games double Gold Medalist.During my career I have been able to both use and represent many cycling lubes with good as well as limited success. Recently I was introduced to NitroLube and have to say that I have yet in all these years to come across a product such as this.

There are very few products out there that I would stake my reputation on it, this is certainly one of them. It does what it claims and more! …..And recently I tried some of their other products…just amazing how well they work. “By far the BEST lubrication out there.” ……Read more ….(click here)

Larry Zimich
British Columbia,CANADA
Senior/Elite Road Race Champion

When I tried the NitroLube Chain and Gear Lube on my Race Bike I was even more impressed.  The difference was amazing.

-Scott Erwood, Olympian BMX Canada Team Member

We were getting our Bike’s tuned up for this year and Yes!!!! What a surprise to the guys at the Shimano Bike Repair Centre ( …they could not believe we rode 17,000km on one set of drive train gears….hardly any wear.   “NitroLube Bike Lube is the Best”

ScreenHunter_13 Mar. 31 08.50

From the “WE RIDE FOR THE KIDS” in support of Canuck Place Children Hospice.
Jeff Bandura


  • For extreme cycling requirements and environments
  • Faster Speeds – Quicker Starts
  • eXtreme chain lubricant with extreme adherence properties
  • Resistant to spin & water repellent
  • Enhances power
  • High Torque pedaling
  • Does not evaporate off chain
  • Repels dirt, sand, grime, dust and salt
  • Decreases chain and sprocket wear
  • Reduces maintenance costs and down time
  • Extend the life of older components
  • Makes new equipment run even better
  • Provides optimum Chain/Gear life
  • Long lasting liquid spray Lubricant
  • Lasts twice as long as regular lubes

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