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NitroLube Canada Inc. is actively looking for qualified distributors for both the national and international markets.

NitroLube Canada Inc. is poised to advance the technology for all petroleum-based lubricants into a new era.

Recent advances in lubricant technology have enabled NitroLube’s NITRO-2000 Formula to increase the lubrication value of standard lubrication products many times what is expected from standard lubricants on the market today. This major advancement in technology has increased many lubrication products operating time/hrs./mileage/usage, at an incredible rate.

Lubrication products that contain the NitroLube NITRO-2000 Formula have extreme resistance to heat and pressure. They provide 45 to 70% reduction in friction resistance in standard machines such as engines, gearboxes, transmissions, fuel systems, and grease-based systems and many more applications over standard lubrication products.

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NitroLube is actively looking for both national and international distributors for Nitro Lube Advanced Lubricants. Exclusive distribution rights for Nitro Lube products are available to major import, distribution, marketing and organizations on the international level.

Nationally, (Canada), we are looking for distributors/ retailers/ marketers/ small business/ lubricant related businesses, interested in the sale of NitroLube products.

To gain a complete knowledge of NitroLube products. Product information should be studied thoroughly. Any mechanical experience with engines, drive trains, industrial, farm or factory equipment will be an asset. Perspective customers will ask specific questions pertaining to their mechanical problems and will expect concise sound answers. A continued interest in mechanical based information is a good idea for increased sales and sound mechanical knowledge.

NitroLube products represent new technology breakthroughs in lubrication products. The latest technology combined with decades of hands on lubrication experience has resulted in a lubricant product line specifically designed for the demanding Canadian work environment. These products provide the lubrication ability to handle the unique problems faced by industry in Canada. Extreme temperature changes, pressure, heat, cold, moisture, friction and fuel contamination’s, are but a few of the problems faced. NitroLube products have the ability to permanently solve these and even more problems. The bottom line in the maintenance game is considerably reduced with NitroLube products.

What exactly can you expect for NitroLube products? Reduced maintenance costs, wear, operating temperatures, fuel costs and effectiveness, downtime, oil consumption, pollution emissions, and more. Increased machine life, start-up lubrication, performance, and business profits. All these positive results can be reached and the savings retained will outweigh the cost of the products themselves. This is plain and simple good business.


Distributors must keep enough stock on hand to service their customers properly at short notice. Speedy service is vitally important in securing long term sales. Any customers that require large orders beyond the capacity of the distributor, can be handled by the Corporate Office with no loss of commissions to the distributor. Delivery will be by freight truck or courier. Large orders may require additional charges for freight handling. As well as a supply of stock, distributors will need to have plenty of product information on hand as well. Items such as invoice books, product information, MSDS sheets and business cards are all available from the Corporate Office. Extra items such as hats, jackets etc. for customers and distributors will be available as well.

In Closing

NitroLube products are an excellent product line that are used in virtually every machine that depends on lubricants world wide. The market for these high resale products is vast with many opportunities for the supplier with the finest products available. NitroLube is continually developing lubrication products that are increasing the standards that the performance of lubrication products are base on.

We know that these quality products will make their mark based on their own merits. Many industrial companies have experienced drastic improvements in their machines and pocket books to date. Field and scientific testing continue to astound the lubrication community with impressive results. We know that these quality products at fair prices will speak for themselves.

Another new bonus that we will be providing our distributors is for their contact information to be advertised on our web site.

Once treated with the NitroLube product, engines and machines have incredible friction resistance. On site Timken bearing testing reveals the outstanding lubrication value of these quality products compared to any other lubricant on the market.

Contact us for product or distributor information, any questions or concerns or to purchase products.

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